Struggling to Get Things Done? Focus on One Goal

It has been said that the devil is in the details and when it comes to executing our strategic plan the details count.

We are continuing our look at 5 habits that make execution easier.  This week we are focusing on habit #2.

Focus on One Goal

When I suggest this to improve execution and goal accomplishment I generally get – “are you kidding me – it can’t be done!”

This is a decision that can be made and yet deciding on a single goal to focus on is a hard decision to make.  It requires us to slow down and decide what we are not going to do (at least for a bit).

Deciding what not to do tends to trigger our fear that we won’t make the best choice.  It feels safer to work on several goals.  What “feels safer” does not mean that it is the best or even safest decision.

Ok – I am going to assume that you are convinced enough to consider focusing on a single goal.  Your next question is – “how do I make sure I make the best choice?”.  Fair question.

The question we want to ask is – “Where do we most want to create a quantum leap forward?”  Let me walk you through what this looked like for me recently.

When I asked myself – What is the most important goal for the month? – my answer was to increase revenues.  My answer for what I need to do for increased revenues has been on my list.  What do I need to change or improve to increase revenues?  Where did I most want to make a quantum leap?  My answer – In the creation of weekly content (social media & blog).  I needed to improve the quality and increase my efficiency.  This was my one goal.

In case you are wondering how that worked…achieved my goal!  Now on to my next quantum leap…

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