Creating a Ten Year Goal

Imagine Your 10-year GoalAfter I posted my blog, Why You Need a 10 year Goal, several people asked me how I went about creating my goal.

It wasn’t until I was asked that I realized that I want to convince you to have a 10-year goal and yet I offered no suggestions on how to begin. Thanks to those who brought this to my attention.

This is part 2…

Creating a Ten-Year Goal

The truth is that somewhere between being a young child with a great imagination and my adult self I had drifted away from dreaming of what could be.

If I could wave a magic wand and create the life, house, wardrobe, job, etc. that I wanted what would it be? This was the beginning of my 10-year goal journey.

It took me some time to begin thinking beyond where I was and to realize that having big long-term goals did not mean I was not happy or that something was wrong with my life in the “now”. I could dream and be happy with where I was in the moment.

Beginning to craft your 10-year goal…

  • Choose the top 3 to 5 areas of your life.
    • Health
    • Financial
    • Key relationships
    • Spiritual
    • Business/Career
    • Friends
    • Fun
    • Physical Environment
    • Passion Project
  • I have given you a magic wand – focus on 1 of the important areas of your life. Wave your magic wand & now describe what that area of your life looks, feels, and sounds like, etc. – if your ideal could suddenly appear what would it be? Record your thoughts (video, audio, drawing a picture, jotting notes on paper or electronically). Do not edit your thoughts – this is not about being “realistic” this is about beginning to think about what we want – what is our ideal.

This is the beginning of our 10-year goal. Go back at least 1/week for several weeks and look at what you wrote. Add new ideas, reword things, take things out – this is about exploring possibilities. If we are in a committed relationship have a dream date with your spouse/partner and talk about your dreams for the future. Have fun with this!

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