The Minimalist Guide to Strategic Planning

Strategic PlanningI have shared that I believe our 10-year goal is a bit of magic. Focusing our minds on what it is we want and then the action of putting this vision on paper gives us a long view of our life’s journey.

We now have this magical 10-year goal on paper – what’s next?

First, our 10-year goal is really an outcome. This is what we want 10-years from now. With this clarity, we can move to the next step of outlining the path that moves us in that direction. This path is commonly referred to as our strategic plan.

In simple terms, our strategy is the roadmap to get us from where we are today to where we want to be (10-year goal).

When creating our roadmap (strategy) keep these in mind…

  • Our strategy will be strongest when we view this as an opportunity to engage in a spirited debate that involves various perspectives. The magic of the strategic plan is not the plan as much as the conversations, considerations, and perspectives that are discussed and debated on the way to the written plan.
  • Our strategy must be based on reality – all of it, good and bad.
  • Our strategy helps to focus our attention and effort. The process of creating focus demands that we make choices. For everything we say ‘yes’ to we are saying ‘no’ to something else. An effective strategy will leverage our strengths and what makes us unique as a business.
  • Our strategy should answer 1) Am I positioned to take advantage of opportunities? 2) Am I prepared for the unknown? 3) How will I build on my successes?

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