Personal Takeaway from My Morning Reflection

Morning Reflections on Rest & RecoveryI share a blog every Thursday – this is my commitment.

The last week has been challenging on a personal level & I am tired. I considered skipping the blog this week since I really couldn’t think of anything worth sharing & I am tired.

Hmmm… maybe you are feeling a bit tired too. Perhaps my thoughts may be useful to you, so I decided to share my take-away on being tired.

I need a vacation! This was my first thought – I am tired because I haven’t had a vacation lately (they have been scarce the past two years). Vacations have been my primary method of unplugging from my daily life and recharging my batteries.

Over the past two years, I have adapted to our changing world in many ways and yet I have not made any adjustments to my method of recharging my batteries. I have been waiting to return to regular vacations!

Full disclosure – I do see vacations in my future and there are many reasons for my current lack of scheduled vacations.

At this point in my internal conversation, I changed my question.

What can I do now to recharge my mental & emotional energy?

I have a list and it is growing! Interestingly, I am also feeling less tired than I was a few hours ago.

If you are like me and feeling tired give some thought to your self-care. What can you do differently?

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