6 Questions for Mid-Year Review

6 Questions for ReviewWe are nearing the end of the second quarter, and this is a great time to check our plan and adjust based on what we have learned.

I have shared before that I like to use these questions:

  • What did I expect to happen this quarter?
  • What really happened this quarter?
  • What went well & why?
  • What improvements do I want to make & how will I make them?

At this point, 6 months into the year, I add an additional piece to my review.  I look at areas where I am not where I imagined I would be by now.

My first question is about commitment.

  • Am I committed to this goal/outcome? Sometimes when I am honest, I am interested in it and not really committed.
  • If I am not committed, I set it aside.

Next, I consider my consistency.

  • Am I taking consistent action (what is the frequency & timing)? When we are not achieving the results, we want there is a tendency to change what we are doing.  Before changing the ‘what’ we need to consider our consistency.
  • When I discover inconsistent action (frequency and/or timing) I commit to consistency.
  • When my action has been consistent then I will consider adjusting what I am doing.

My answers to the commitment & consistency questions are added to my notes about improvements I want to make.

My final step is to look at the areas/goals that I set aside in the commitment question.  At this point, I consider the relevancy of the goal.

  • Is this goal/area relevant to my larger vision? If yes, I consider revising it or setting it aside with a date to revisit my decision.

This entire process takes me about an hour to work through and when I am finished, I have a clear picture that informs my plan for the year’s second half.

When we create our goals/outcomes and the plan to accomplish them it is based on our best thinking and knowledge at the time.  As we try things, we gain more knowledge and that informs our thinking resulting in changes to our plan!

Final thoughts…

Celebrate our wins!

Be flexible on our journey to the outcome!

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