Are You Making This Mistake?

Not Developing Systems is a Mistake!If you have followed me for long you have heard me share my belief that we all need to have a 10-year goal.

Today I am assuming that you have your goal written down and that maybe you are now thinking…I love this idea but then I don’t how this is possible – <deep sigh>

Mike Kim (best-selling author of You Are the Brand), hosted a complimentary Zoom recently. He was sharing what he did in his business so that he could take 40 “worry-free” days off.  As is typical for Mike, he shared many great strategies. There is one I am highlighting today since it has a direct link to our 10-year goal.

Mike shared his variation on a quote from James Clear (author of Atomic Habits):

“We don’t rise to the level of our talents. We fall to the level of our systems.” 

The systems we install in our businesses and personal lives are our path toward goal accomplishment. We all have systems. Our habits (good and bad) make up our systems.

When I looked at my business through the lens of this quote, I quickly realized that my systems need more automation. When I made the time to automate my calendar it made it more efficient for me and easier for my clients to schedule time with me. It is time to automate more!

Here are a couple of questions to help you consider this idea in your life and business.

  • Which habits (systems) are helping us move toward our goals? Celebrate these!
  • In what area of our business (or life) are we not making the progress we desire? What is one very small action are we willing to take to improve? Do that & celebrate that you did it!

Remember: Don’t make the mistake of skipping systems.

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