3 Reasons to Take a Vacation

chairs on deck ready for vacation

Improved productivity

Lower stress

Improved health (mental & physical)


There is a large body of research that shows the above benefits of a vacation.

I wrote a blog a couple of months ago on the topic of recharging my batteries in absence of a vacation.  One of my conclusions was that I have made changes in my life in response to our changing world and yet I hadn’t up to that point made any changes in this area of my life.

Step 1 – I scheduled a week of vacation – a staycation.  I have had several staycations at my own home as well as at the home of family members over the past few years.  Sometimes they have felt like a vacation and other times not really.

Step 2 – I did a little informal research to satisfy my curiosity on how to enjoy a vacation that is designed to provide me the benefits of greater productivity, lower stress, and improved health.

Key things to consider when planning a vacation include

  • Plan ahead
  • Identify the activities that recharges us
  • Leave work behind – really, really behind
  • Disrupt our routines

Since my upcoming vacation is staying home, I have given thought to what I can do so that it feels like a vacation.

  • I enjoy staying at vacation rentals so what can I do to make home feel like a get-away? Clean before vacation begins.   I nearly always clean my house before leaving on vacation so duh…clean as if I were leaving on vacation.  I am also going to buy myself a “welcome to vacation” gift (hmmm wine or flowers…).
  • Plan what I am going to do & disrupt my routine.

I am looking forward to my vacation next week and I am taking the advice of the research.  No working!  I will be back the week of July 11th.

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