It’s Time To Focus!

Be Laser-Focused Now!Regardless of our level of focus so far this year now is the time to be laser-focused.

Ending the year strong creates momentum that carries into the new year!

Let me say that again…

When we focus our time, attention, and energy in the final quarter of the year we enjoy the benefit of feeling good about the year and beginning the new year with greater momentum.


Three Steps to Finish the Year Strong:

Measure Backward. We began the year with big goals and a strong plan and yet what we envisioned in January may not have gone as planned.  We have two options: 1) be disappointed at what we did not do or 2) appreciate all that we have accomplished.  Option 2 is the better way to go.  I learned of the idea of measuring backward in The Gap and the Gain, by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

The future isn’t a reality – it’s a projection.  And because it’s not reality, it can’t be part of any real measurement of your progress.  The only way to measure goals is backward, against the past.  Use the reality of where you currently are and measure backward from there to the reality of where you started.

Once we have measured backward pause to appreciate all that we have accomplished.  Appreciating what we have done and feeling grateful are powerful emotions that will fuel our focus to keep moving.

Choose One Thing. What is the one thing that is most important to accomplish by December 31st?  Focus requires that we make choices, in this situation “yes” to one thing and “no” to others.  This “one thing” might be a goal, relationship, task, or project.  If this idea is alarming think of it this way, once we finish the “thing”, we can choose another.

Manage Our Energy Level. Laser focus requires energy.  This final quarter of the year includes holidays and with that frequently comes celebrations and extra events.  Paying attention to diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation are investments that will pay dividends in the form of the energy to finish strong.

A final thought…. There are about 48 working days left in the year.  If we spend 1 hour/day on our highest priority that is 48 hours.  There is a lot we can accomplish yet this year!

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