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Be successful in business without
losing your sanity.

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In order to do that, you need to free up more time while still growing your profits. The problem is, there are so many things you COULD try, and you don’t know which next step will be the right one for you. This makes you feel stuck and overwhelmed, like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere. We believe that the business you love should work FOR you.


Which is why we provide customized strategies to help entrepreneurs go from stuck to successful. Our steps are simple:

We help you set vision & goals, to identify what success looks like for you!
We help you leverage your best strengths against your roadblocks.
We provide you with custom strategy & help you implement until breakthrough.

About Kathy

Meet your Coach!
Strategy Coach Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown is a certified coach, strategist, teacher and the founder of GoalFirm. Through customized strategy and coaching, she has helped dozens of business owners go from stuck to successful.

Despite having a Masters degree in Education, Kathy came to realize a not-always-obvious fact, that life is not linear. She found that going to college and getting a job is not always the answer for a lifetime.

Working in educational leadership for 30 years, she constantly found herself in reactive environments. She knew helping people is her purpose, but despite her passion for education there came a time that long hours, little control over her time, continually changing priorities and initiatives left her exhausted, frustrated, and questioning if she was really making a difference.

It was from this place of realization that she founded GoalFirm, with programs to help business owners maximize their business growth while still freeing up time and money for that non-work life they’ve always wanted!

These days, she focuses on helping people match problems with solutions, and providing the next right steps. She believes in helping business owners minimize their efforts and maximize their impact! And mostly, she believes that unleashing people’s gifts and passions on the world better serves all of us.

When Kathy is not working with clients, she is enjoying the non-work life that she imagined – time with family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, gardening, reading mystery books, hanging out with friends, traveling, and volunteering at Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Here’s what some of her clients are saying…