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Kathy standing on a wooden bridge with trees in background & title of blog - Does an End-of-Year Review Matter?

Does an End-of-Year Review Matter?

When I talk about an end-of-year review the first question I am asked is – Does it really matter?  The short answer is yes!  There are 2 primary purposes for this review Identify what went well & what we did to create that win.  Knowing what we did gives us the opportunity to do it...
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4 Questions to Focus Attention

4 Questions to Focus Our Action

In last week’s blog, I talked about 3 steps to finish the year strong   One of the steps is to choose one thing that is most important to accomplish this quarter.  Here is the link to my blogs if you missed it, You did choose your highest priority, right? I am sure that you...
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Be Laser-Focused Now!

It’s Time To Focus!

Regardless of our level of focus so far this year now is the time to be laser-focused. Ending the year strong creates momentum that carries into the new year! Let me say that again… When we focus our time, attention, and energy in the final quarter of the year we enjoy the benefit of feeling...
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6 Questions for Review

Are You Taking Daily Action on Goals?

I am reading the book, Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor.  It is raising my awareness of my thinking and how that is impacting my outcomes.  One thing on my mind from this book is that I need to act daily in each of my goal areas.  This is weaving my priorities into my daily...
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When is last time you thought about your habits?

Have You Thought About Your Habits Lately?

I was talking with a friend about a genealogy project they had been working on for a couple of months.  My friend had purchased a photo scanner so that she could include images in the document.  She quickly discovered that Polaroid photos did not work in the photo scanner, so she used her phone and...
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