Goal Review
Kathy standing on a wooden bridge with trees in background & title of blog - Does an End-of-Year Review Matter?

Does an End-of-Year Review Matter?

When I talk about an end-of-year review the first question I am asked is – Does it really matter?  The short answer is yes!  There are 2 primary purposes for this review Identify what went well & what we did to create that win.  Knowing what we did gives us the opportunity to do it...
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6 Questions for Review

6 Questions for Mid-Year Review

We are nearing the end of the second quarter, and this is a great time to check our plan and adjust based on what we have learned. I have shared before that I like to use these questions: What did I expect to happen this quarter? What really happened this quarter? What went well &...
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Review Q1

How to Take Charge of Your 1st Quarter Review

It is the end of the 1st quarter which is a great time to pause and take inventory regarding progress on our goals. I recommend using an After-Action Quarter Review. What sets this process apart from other review activities is that it involves everyone (various perspectives) and it is a discussion intended to gather feedback...
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