Space for Possibilities

Do You Have Space for New Possibilities?

I typically leave white space in my calendar.  These are blocks of time and days that I do not schedule anything.  I also have a target for my standard margin.  Margin is how far ahead a task is completed prior to when it is due. A shortage of margin and white space over the past...
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chairs on deck ready for vacation

3 Reasons to Take a Vacation

Improved productivity Lower stress Improved health (mental & physical)   There is a large body of research that shows the above benefits and more when we take a vacation. I wrote a blog a couple of months ago on the topic of recharging my batteries in absence of a vacation (  One of my conclusions...
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How to Prevent Procrastination

Priorities Over Procrastination

Last week I shared my strategies to interrupt my procrastination 3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating I am not sure about you… I feel frustrated when I realize I am procrastinating – again!  Like seriously – what is wrong with me that I keep coming back to this habit? Recently I have been asking myself –...
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Stop Procrastinating

3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating

I have noticed a theme over the past couple of weeks.  It has shown up in coaching calls with clients.  I have also seen this in myself. The prevailing emotion around this seems to be frustration with a bit of worry (maybe this is just the way I am…). What is the theme?  Not completing...
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Am I Productive?

Quick question – Would you like your team to be more productive?  Ok – really two questions…. Would you like to be more productive? Whenever I ask either of these two questions I get the same answer – “yes”.  Truthfully there is a variation – some answers are “YES” (enthusiastically excited) and the others are...
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