Michael Hyatt’s 5 Choices When Reviewing Goals

Michael Hyatt suggests that we have 5 choices after completing a review of our goals.

  1. Rejoice
  2. Recommit
  3. Revise
  4. Remove
  5. Replace

This is the beginning of a new month and I have learned that pausing for a quick After-Action-Review is a good investment of my time.  I enjoy a solid habit of reviewing my month and setting goals for the new month.  I do tend to skip over the celebration of what I have accomplished to focus on what I need to do next.

Last week I decided to work through Michael’s 5 choices as a part of my review and planning.  It didn’t take long and again it was a good investment of my time and attention.


As I mentioned earlier, I usually skip this part – bad idea!  Celebrating our wins is important, this is one way that we fuel our enthusiasm to keep going.  Here is what I realized last week.  I need to pause and celebrate all wins – especially the small ones.  A series of small wins is generally what precedes the achievement of a goal.  At first glance I didn’t have much to celebrate from last month.

I had 8 goals for growing GoalFirm.

  • 2 goals I accomplished
  • 3 goals I made progress
  • 3 goals I didn’t work on

Pausing to consider Michael Hyatt’s suggestion to rejoice focused me on what I had accomplished.  Those 3 goals that I worked on are well underway – that is worth a happy dance!


This is about looking at our goals and recommitting to them.  I focused on the 3 goals I didn’t work on last month.  I answered the questions that Michael Hyatt suggests.

  • What will I gain by accomplishing this goal?
  • What will I lose if I don’t accomplish the goal?
  • Do I need to change my strategies?

My conclusion – the goals are solid, and my strategies seem okay (remember I didn’t do anything).  My thinking was not realistic when I added these goals to my list.  Interestingly, they were the last goals I added, and it was because they really need to get done.  Not a great reason to add them to the list when I did.  I have recommitted to the goals.

Revise – Remove – Replace

When we are unable to recommit to the goal we have 2 choices, according to Hyatt.  We can revise the goal or remove it.  Revising a goal is not unusual – after all, when we create a goal it is based on our best thinking and knowledge that we possess at that time.  As we learn more, a revision to our goal can be the best action.

The other option when we cannot recommit to a goal is to remove it.  There are times when a goal may no longer be relevant or perhaps, we cannot get enthused about accomplishing it.   There is no rule that says we are failures if we remove a goal – if it no longer makes sense get rid of it and focus on the goals that resonate.

Hyatt recommends creating a new goal to replace the one that we have removed.  Although this time I did not remove a goal I have found that creating a new goal in place of one I have deleted helps to keep me focused on my “why” behind the goals.  Goals may be revised or removed along the journey – after all we learn as we go.

My Conclusion

Using this framework to guide my thinking when planning the goals for this month only took a few minutes and my goals for this month are solid (based on my knowledge today).

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