Do You Have Space for New Possibilities?

Space for Possibilities

I typically leave white space in my calendar.  These are blocks of time and days that I do not schedule anything.  I also have a target for my standard margin.  Margin is how far ahead a task is completed prior to when it is due.

A shortage of margin and white space over the past few weeks created a little chaos in my life. As I was doing a bit of scrambling, I also did some thinking about what I was learning and what I wanted to change moving forward.

One of my lessons resulted from a large landscape project in my yard.

I live on a small lake and my yard is filled with mature oak trees.  I fell in love with this house for the view – I feel like I am up north in Michigan.  When I moved to this house there were 2 HUGE gardens.  There were more gardens around the deck by the lake.  I love to garden so I was excited about all the possibilities.

Fast forward 10 years and the gardens had worn me out.  There were always weeds and since they are on a hill spreading mulch was challenging.  My attitude was, I am a gardener, and I will tame these gardens & enjoy doing it!

Early this spring before weeds or perennials were above ground, I realized that I didn’t want to tame those gardens.   I called a landscaper & asked what he would do in my backyard if money were no object.  His suggestion was to remove the gardens – they were clutter.  The lake and the trees made the view.

He was correct.

When this project began, I viewed it as editing something that no longer served me.  Up until recently, when I removed something, I generally replaced it with something else quickly.

What I have come to understand over the past few weeks is that margin and white space is much larger than trading one thing for another.  I have learned that I am creating space in my life for new experiences.

I have created margin and white space by simplifying my landscape and now I have room for new possibilities.  I don’t know what I have created space for – I do know that something is in my future – travel, relationship, business opportunity…

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