Ask questions to encourage the truth

3 Ways to Encourage Truth

Jim Collins in Good to Great presents the concept of confronting the brutal facts and the role that this plays in creating a great company. I have not yet met a business owner whose goal was to create a mediocre business so let’s take a closer look at the strategy and tactics of dealing in the...
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culture of accountability with Strategy Coach Kathy Brown

Create a Culture of Accountability to Get More Done

It has been said that the devil is in the details and when it comes to executing our strategic plan the details count.  Creating a culture of accountability is a great way to get more done. We are continuing our look at 5 habits that make execution easier.  This week we are focusing on habit...
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culture of innovation

Creating a Culture of Innovation

This week we are talking about innovation and specifically the ideas that drive our innovation. The definition of innovation is… An idea that has been implemented into a product, service, process, or system that is new to the business (or individual). Our ability to innovate consistently is a critical component of the health and stability...
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