4 Questions to Focus Attention

4 Questions to Focus Our Action

In last week’s blog, I talked about 3 steps to finish the year strong   One of the steps is to choose one thing that is most important to accomplish this quarter.  Here is the link to my blogs if you missed it, https://goalfirm.com/blog/ You did choose your highest priority, right? I am sure that you...
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6 Questions for Review

Are You Taking Daily Action on Goals?

I am reading the book, Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor.  It is raising my awareness of my thinking and how that is impacting my outcomes.  One thing on my mind from this book is that I need to act daily in each of my goal areas.  This is weaving my priorities into my daily...
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Not Developing Systems is a Mistake!

Are You Making This Mistake?

If you have followed me for long you have heard me share my belief that we all need to have a 10-year goal. Today I am assuming that you have your goal written down and that maybe you are now thinking…I love this idea but then I don’t how this is possible – <deep sigh>...
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How to Prevent Procrastination

Priorities Over Procrastination

Last week I shared my strategies to interrupt and prevent procrastination 3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating. I am not sure about you… I feel frustrated when I realize I am procrastinating – again! Like seriously – what is wrong with me that I keep coming back to this habit? Recently I have been asking myself...
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Learn to Stop Procrastinating with Strategy Coach Kathy Brown

3 Steps to Stop Procrastinating

I have noticed a theme over the past couple of weeks. It has shown up in coaching calls with clients. I have also seen this in myself. The prevailing emotion around this seems to be frustration with a bit of worry (maybe this is just the way I am…). What is the theme? Not completing tasks & projects....
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