goal achievement

Am I Productive?

Quick question – Would you like your team to be more productive?  Ok – really two questions…. Would you like to be more productive? Whenever I ask either of these two questions I get the same answer – “yes”.  Truthfully there is a variation – some answers are “YES” (enthusiastically excited) and the others are...
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Strategic Planning

The Minimalist Guide to Strategic Planning

I have shared that I believe our 10-year goal is a bit of magic.  Focusing our minds on what it is we want and then the action of putting this vision on paper gives us a long view of our life’s journey. We now have this magical 10-year goal on paper – what’s next? First,...
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Imagine Your 10-year Goal

Creating Our Ten Year Goal

After I posted my blog, Why You Need a 10-year Goal, several people asked me how I went about creating my goal. It wasn’t until I was asked that I realized that I want to convince you to have a 10-year goal and yet I offered no suggestions on how to begin.  Thanks to those...
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Review Q1

How to Take Charge of Your 1st Quarter Review

It is the end of the 1st quarter which is a great time to pause and take inventory regarding progress on our goals.  I recommend using an After-Action-Review. What sets this process apart from other review activities is that it involves everyone (various perspectives) and it is a discussion intended to gather feedback and lessons...
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Struggling to Get Things Done? Commit to the Strategic Plan

It has been said that the devil is in the details and when it comes to executing our strategic plan the details count. We are continuing our look at 5 habits that make execution easier.  This week we are focusing on habit #1. Commit to Our Strategic Plan Our execution flows from the strategic plan...
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