goal setting
6 Questions for Review

6 Questions for Mid-Year Review

We are nearing the end of the second quarter, and this is a great time to check our plan and adjust based on what we have learned. I have shared before that I like to use these questions: What did I expect to happen this quarter? What really happened this quarter? What went well &...
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10-year plan

What’s Your 10-year Plan?

If you’ve never thought about it before, you should! “We become what we think about most of the time.” Earl Nightingale I encourage business owners to have a 10-year goal for their business. Truthfully, I believe we should all have a 10-year goal for our life. Since our business is a component of our life...
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Imagine Your 10-year Goal

Creating Our Ten Year Goal

After I posted my blog, Why You Need a 10-year Goal, several people asked me how I went about creating my goal. It wasn’t until I was asked that I realized that I want to convince you to have a 10-year goal and yet I offered no suggestions on how to begin.  Thanks to those...
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