When is last time you thought about your habits?

Have You Thought About Your Habits Lately?

I was talking with a friend about a genealogy project they had been working on for a couple of months.  My friend had purchased a photo scanner so that she could include images in the document.  She quickly discovered that Polaroid photos did not work in the photo scanner, so she used her phone and...
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Appreciating, not worrying

What Are You Appreciating Today?

I love to learn and out of all the fantastic content I consume if I were to choose one thing that has made the biggest difference across all areas of my life it is gratitude. Developing a daily habit of gratitude and appreciation has and continues to make the biggest difference in my life. Whatever...
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Lessons from my dog

Lessons from My Dog MiMi

At the end of February, I had the opportunity to adopt a career-change dog from Leader Dogs for the Blind (LD). I eagerly said “yes”! MiMi is a black lab and she is about 1 ½ years old. She was donated to LD and did not have the typical puppy socialization. Knowing she would need training I scheduled...
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